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LinkedIn Continues to Add New Ways to Customize Profiles

When asked to name the Social Media Site most widely used by the business community, (in your opinion), I would venture a guess that more often than not people think of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of the few non industry specific Social Media venues that is widely utilized by professionals. But there is so much more to LinkedIn than just housing your resume. Since I wrote my series about LinkedIn there has been new capabilities that have emerged and new ways to customize your LinkedIn Profile. You can now even add a list of patents!

Mobile Business Tools for Apple iPad, iPhone & iPod, Pt. 3

My brother-in-law has been a lover of all things Apple for as long as I can remember. In fact, on the first day the iPad was released, he waited in line several hours just to be one of the first people to get one. Every time I would complain about my PC and the issues I was having, he’d inevitably say, “Gotta get a MAC.” First, we got our iPhones. Next, after many hours and probably even days of lost work time, we finally broke down and bought my iMac. And most recently, I received my beloved iPad as a gift, which I quickly realized and am still learning just how essential this tool has become to my business. In fact, with all of the applications available for my iPad, it has replaced my PC laptop. I’ve written articles on Mobile Business and Mobile Social Media apps you can download to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to take your business on-the-go. Following is the next installment of my business apps series that can help you take your business on the road with you, make your businesses more efficient and Make Small Businesses Look Bigger.

Mobile Business Tools for Apple iPad, iPhone & iPod, Pt. 2

In early September of 2010, I was given my new favorite toy, an Apple iPad, as a gift. I originally used the iPad to read books, play games and to surf the Internet. However, I have discovered that the iPad is a fantastic business tool as well. Whenever I am away from my office, I take my iPad with me. With the right applications, the iPad has virtually replaced my laptop.

The Envelope Please: ABA Top 100 Blawg Results Announced

On November 30th, 2010, the Editors of the ABA Journal had announced the selection of the top 100 best law blogs by lawyers, for lawyers. Readers were then given one full month to vote for their favorite blogs. Each individual could vote for more than one blog in any category, but could only vote once per blog. Now the voting has ended and the ABA Journal has announced the winners of the Fourth Annual ABA Journal Blawg 100, which recognizes the best legal blogs for 2010. So without further ado, here are the overall results of the 2010 ABA Journal Blawg 100 contest!

IPWatchdog 2010: ABA Blawg Tops + Over 2 Million Visits

I am pleased to announce that was selected by the readers of the ABA Journal as their favorite IP Law blog for 2010 ABA. I am also pleased to announce that for 2010 we had over 2,000,000 visits, delivered nearly 11.8 million pages, our homepage was viewed 3.06 million times and we averaged over 67,000 unique monthly visitors! Thanks to all our readers for coming back day after day, and thanks to all of our Guest Contributors!

Top 10 Social Networking Resolutions for Business in 2011

Chances are you have already put some thought into Social media at some point over the course of 2010. And chances are you or your company is currently finalizing your advertising and marketing budgets for 2011. But how many have included Social Media as a part of your marketing and advertising campaign? Are you are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Plaxo, IP Alley and other social media sites pertinent to your industry or specialty with in your field? Those you have created profiles on different sites, how active are you in your social media marketing campaigns? How often do you update your work experience and other information? How often do you post content on your profile. How often do you tweet? This are all things you can and should do. And since we are nearing the end of 2010, I thought I would share with you a a list of “Social Media Resolutions” that you should add to your 2011 Marketing and brand building campaign.

Reduced Sponsorship and Advertising Rates for December 2010

As we have seen a drastic increase in our readership over the last few years, has become a full-time endeavor, and as such we are actively seeking advertiser and sponsor partners who can use the visibility we can provide. This will also provide us the ability to do more of what we are already doing, which we seem to have a knack for. So in the spirit of the holidays we thought we’d offer discounted rates good for advertising or sponsorship campaigns initiated or continued during December 2010.

Bayh-Dole Turns 30, AUTM Celebrates Innovation with Awards

Betsy de Parry spoke of how the Bayh-Dole act affected her personally by lending time and resources to university discoveries that created the life saving treatment that has led her to 8 years of being cancer free. de Parry brought an emotional and very human element to the celebration because she is living proof of what this piece of legislation has meant to so many — it fostered discoveries and drugs that literally saved her life. Her story was quite moving and admittedly brought me to tears. For those of us who have loved ones afflicted by cancer, it gives me great hope that eventually a cure will be found. Chosen as one of the ABA Journal’s Top 100

I am pleased to announce that the Editors of the ABA Journal yesterday announced they have selected as one of the top 100 best law blogs by lawyers, for lawyers. Now readers are being asked to vote on their favorites in each of the 4th Annual Blawg 100’s 12 categories. is in the “IP Law” category. To vote, please visit The 2010 ABA Journal Blawg 100.

On the Go Business Apps – Mobile Business Tools for Apple iPad, iPhone & iPod

In a recent article, Mobile Business Tools – Social Media Apps for Apple iPad, iPhone & iPod, I discussed the topic of Social Media/Networking applications that are available for download on the iPhone, iPad and iPod that can help you stay connected to your Social Media. There are thousands of other Mobile Business Tools available to you an can be found in multiple different application categories. Following is a guide to several of the more popular Mobile Business Apps that one can use when on the go to essentially take the office with you. Heed my warning, however, once you start using this tools you will never know when to “go home!”

Mobile Business Tools – Social Media Apps for Apple iPad, iPhone & iPod

As I learn more about my new mobile business tools, I am amazed at how much I can do with them to enhance my business. According to Apple there are over 50,000 apps available for download on the iPhone alone. In fact, we often play a game in our family that I like to call, “Is there an app for that?” We have found some seriously odd applications. But with all of the apps that are available, how can you determine which apps are most suitable for you and your business? Following is a guide to some of my favorite and some of the more popular non-industry specific iPhone, iPad and iPod applications that you can use to keep up with your Social Media no matter where you go.

Meet the Medal Recipients, Plus President Obama’s Remarks

During his remarks last night President Obama was in typical form, interchangably jovial and serious. The event left one feeling that President Obama would like very much for science education to become a priority. What follows is a transcript of President Obama’s remarks, followed by information about each of the Medal recipients, their research and innovations that lead each being selected for recognition.

Hook, Line & Sinker: USPTO Warns About Invention Scams

On Thursday, November 4, 2010, I attended the 15th Annual Inventors Conference at the USPTO.  In my article Reporting from the 15th Annual USPTO Inventors Conference I discussed the morning sessions and lunch speaker, for day one of the conference.  After lunch, and a panel discussion of the morning speakers, the attendees of the conference went into two sets of…

Reporting from the 15th Annual USPTO Inventors Conference

All of the morning sessions were open to all attendees followed by break out sessions later in the day where the attendees were able to choose the sessions they wanted to attend. Most of the sessions were repeated throughout the event, so that the attendees would not have to forego one topic session to attend another. There were speakers from both the IP community and the USPTO on topics pertinent to this audience, including the inventor of the Post It Note, Art Fry. The attendees were given the opportunity to attend different educational break out sessions that were meant to educate the independent inventor on the entire patent process.

Photo Diary: The USPTO’s 15th Inventors Conference

I was pleasantly surprised to see inventors from all over the country, coming from New Jersey, Georgia, Florida and elsewhere. The Inventors Conference provides a truly unique opportunity for independent inventors to interface with patent examiners, high ranking USPTO officials and many industry experts. The two days are filled with programming that includes some “if I can do it, so can you” talks from successful inventors, even Hall of Fame Inventors, who share their stories of dedication and success. Also featured are substantive learning opportunities for inventors, such as how to write claims, why file a provisional patent application, patent searching, foreign filing and more. There is also ample networking opportunities for inventors, and time slots where inventors can receive free consultations with industry experts.

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