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Federal Circuit Review – Issue 58 – July 10, 2015

In this issue of the Federal Circuit Review: (1) Damages for Lost Profits May Not Be Based On Extraterritorial Services Performed by an Infringer’s Customers Under § 271(f); (2) Federal Circuit Invalidates Claims Under the On-Sale Bar for Commercial Exploitation of the Invention Before the Critical Date; and (3) The PTO’s 180-Day Filing Deadline of the Optional Interim Procedure for PTA Reconsideration Request Is Not Arbitrary and Capricious.

Federal Circuit Review – Issue 57 – July 03, 2015

In this issue of the Federal Circuit Review: (1) Bad Lawyering Is Not Misconduct For Awarding Attorneys Fees; (2) Continuing Applications Are not Entitled to Patent Term Adjustment for Delay in the Prosecution of the Parent Application.

Federal Circuit Review – Issue 56 – June 26, 2015

In this issue of the Federal Circuit Review: (1) A Patent Owner Must Show They Are Entitled to Amended Claims In an Inter Partes Review, Including in View Of All Prior Art of Record, and Known to the Patent Owner; (2) Federal Circuit Reverses Every E.D. Va. Claim Construction on Appeal in TomTom v. Adolph Mobile Tracking System Suit; and (3) Federal Circuit Overrule the “Strong Presumption” Embodied in § 112 para. 6 for Functional Limitations Expressed Without the Term “Means.”

Federal Circuit Review – Issue 8 – 02-21-2014

This week in the Federal Circuit Review: (1) Federal Circuit Rules that Reexamination Decision Misapplied Facts From an Incorrect Claim Construction and Mistakenly Imposed a Requirement for a Cross-Appeal and (2) Process Invented Abroad and “Authorized” to be Reduced to Practice in the U.S. is Prior Art under § 102(g)(2)

Federal Circuit Review – Issue 4 – 01-15-2014

In this issue of the Federal Circuit Review: (1) Court Adopts “Principles” of Prosecution History Estoppel for Design Patents.

Federal Circuit Review – Issue 3 – 01-09-2014

In this issue of the Federal Circuit Review: (1) Denial of Attorneys’ Fees Vacated for Consideration of Additional Facts Under “Exceptional Cases” Statute; (2) BPAI’s Obviousness Determination Unsupported by Substantial Evidence; and (3) Extraterritorial Injunction Under State Unfair Competition Law Vacated After Court Finds Appellate Jurisdiction to Hear Case.

Federal Circuit Review – Issue 2 – 12-18-2013

In this issue of the Federal Circuit Review: (1) Court Reverses Nonobviousness Holding by District Court in Hatch-Waxman Case; (2) Statute Covers Costs for Faithful and Complete Duplication of Electronic Documents, Not Preparatory or Ancillary Costs; and (3) ITC Cannot Base Exclusion Order on Induced Infringement Where Underlying Direct Infringement Occurs After Import.

Federal Circuit Review – Issue 1 – 11-21-2013

In this issue of the Federal Circuit Review: (1) Failure to Submit Evidence Tending to Corroborate Invalidity Raises Genuine Issue of Fact on Summary Judgment for Inequitable Conduct.