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UFRF’s win on Eleventh Amendment at PTAB creates IPR immunity for public universities

Each of the Covidien IPRs challenged the validity of a single patent owned by the University of Florida Research Foundation (UFRF) which the university had previously asserted against Covidien. The decisions made by the ALJs in these IPRs indicate that public research universities can find protection from review proceedings at PTAB by claiming rights afforded them by the Eleventh Amendment of the U.S. Constitution… In their final written decision, the PTAB ALJs note that deciding this case based on UFRF’s Eleventh Amendment defense could have wide-reaching implications for the future of validity challenges to patents held by public university research arms or “a monetization foundation affiliated with a state university.”

Federal Circuit says same PTAB panel can decide both IPR institution and merits

The Federal Circuit, in an opinion by Judge Dyk who was joined by Judge Taranto, first held that 35 U.S.C. § 314(d) did not preclude the Court from hearing Ethicon’s challenge to the authority of the Board to render a final decision. On the merits the panel held that neither the statute nor the Constitution precludes the same panel of the PTAB that made the decision to institute inter partes review from making the final determination. The Federal Circuit also found no error in the Board’s determination that the ’070 patent claims would have been obvious over the prior art. Judge Newman dissented, concluding that in order to restore confidence in the reliability of patents as “investment incentives” the USPTO must conform the inter partes review process to the statute.