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Samsung enters self-driving car market, Musk’s Hyperloop and Bloomberg big data initiative

Yet another tech developer known for consumer electronics is getting into the autonomous vehicle market, a sign that we can continue to expect disruption for the conventional automaker model in that sector. A recent data breach settlement underscores the growing cybersecurity threat the world faces. The latest theory about alien life on other planets starts to fizzle and fade. Also, we hear some stories featuring notable names in the tech business world, including Michael Bloomberg and Elon Musk.

Deliberate Success: Developing a Winning Patent Prosecution Strategy

The availability of information to gain insights based on what is happening to others who are similarly situated means decision makers can leverage the experiences of many when determining how best to proceed. For example, in the patent world if you file an application that gets classified in Class 705 that means you have little or no meaningful chance to obtain a commercially relevant patent. Truthfully, you have little or no chance to obtain any patent really. So what decision do you make moving forward? Are you going to continue to throw good money after bad money to wage a fight that you realistically have virtually no statistical chance to win?