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The High Tech Inventors Alliance: The newest institution of the efficient infringer lobby in D.C.

Eight tech companies owning a collective 115,000 patents announced the establishment of the High Tech Inventors Alliance (HTIA), an organization they claim is “dedicated to supporting balanced patent policy.” According to coverage by Congressional blog TheHill, the formation of the HTIA is intended to further debate on Capitol Hill over patent reform… The members of the alliance are your typical “Who’s Who” of the efficient infringer lobby… Every member of the HTIA, including Adobe, Cisco, Oracle and all lobbied on issues related to the Innovation Act.

District Court sua sponte raising dispositive issues not enough for case to be reassigned

While TecSec had urged the panel to reassign the case to a different judge on remand in part because the district court judge repeatedly held against TecSec, raised dispositive issues sua sponte, had been reversed on appeal for many of those issues, and had pre-judged a § 101 issue that has not yet been raised, reassignment is only appropriate in exceptional circumstances. “Here, reassignment is governed by Fourth Circuit law, which applies a three factor test for reassignment: 1) whether the judge would be reasonable expected to have substantial difficulty putting her views that were held to be incorrect out of her mind; 2) whether reassignment is necessary to preserve the appearance of justice; and 3) the degree of waste of judicial resources and duplication if the case were reassigned. See United States v. Guglielmi, 929 F.2d 1001, 1007 (4th Cir. 1991). Nothing in this case merits reassignment on remand.”

Adobe patents systems for mobile application development and collaborative document editing

Of course Adobe, which pioneered the use of the Portable Document Format (PDF), would have a number of inventions relating to electronic documents. A better mechanism for uploading an electronic document for use during a network-based conference is discussed within U.S. Patent No. 8943129, issued under the title Document Based Conferencing. This patent claims a computerized method of generating an identifier of a document, receiving a designation of a collaboration server to synchronize actions across multiple instances of the document during a collaboration session, adding the identifiers of the document and the collaboration server within data of the document and storing the document to a local data storage device. This invention supports the capturing and transmitting of modifications and notations to all users within a collaborative document session.