Landscape of Patents Declared to ATSC 3.0

We discovered 95 patent statements declared to ATSC 3.0. Among these, 13 patent statements lacked patent numbers, and one was not publicly available. This led us to focus our analysis on 81 patent statements. After thoroughly removing duplicates, we identified 2552 unique patent families corresponding to all extracted patents. The top five specifications in which unique families were declared the most were A/322, A/331, A/341, A/330, and A/342.

Our analysis of the patent reassignment data has led to a truly unique finding. Out of the 2552 unique patent families, a distinct 263 have a reassignment history, offering a fresh and intriguing perspective on the patent landscape.

As a complement to the research report, we have developed an interactive dashboard report. This user-friendly tool allows users to delve into the data for various analysis purposes, empowering them to explore the findings in a way that suits their needs.

Link to the report

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