Jump starter Brand GOOLOO WINS Biggest Ever Patent Infringement Litigation

On August 29, the ITC (U.S. International Trade Commission) ruled in favor of GOOLOO Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “GOOLOO”) in a patent infringement case involving the jump starter power industry (ITC-337-TA-1256). The ITC dismissed the plaintiff, The NOCO Company (hereinafter referred to as NOCO) and dismissed all claims against GOOLOO, including a request for GOOLOO’s withdrawal from the U.S. market and a request for an injunction stopping the sale of products that allegedly infringed upon NOCO’s patents.

GOOLOO Flagship GP4000 Jump Starter


The case which involved the ITC’s Section 337 was launched by NOCO against the jump starter industry. 110 enterprises were sued and 45 directly accused of patent infringement. In this instance, NOCO lacked the facts and legal basis for their claim. After GOOLOO supplied the ITC with several rounds of evidence, the ITC finally ruled that GOOLOO’s products that were named in the case did not involve patent infringement.

It is worth noting this case involved many enterprises and is the largest single enterprise case in the history of cases involving Section 337. As a company that attaches great importance to intellectual property rights, GOOLOO has cooperated with case investigators in the hope of using it to regulate the industry’s development and avoid the recurrence of malicious prosecution. “Despite NOCO’s patent accusations, we quickly made a confident and strong comeback which is important for the protection of our technical research and hard work of our development staff. It also gives consumers who believe in and love GOOLOO products an explanation, ” said GOOLOO CEO Michael.

This is not the first encounter between NOCO and GOOLOO. As the earliest brand of jump starters, GOOLOO received an invitation from NOCO as early as 2014 to communicate and discuss the possibility of technical cooperation. A team from NOCO visited GOOLOO’s R&D department and conducted research on R&D samples. In July 2014, NOCO applied for the relevant patents. GOOLOO filed a deposition in response as it was highly suspicious of NOCO’s visitation intent. Evidence subsequently disclosed by the US Patent Trial and Appeal Board reaffirmed GOOLOO’s position.

GOOLOO Technology Co., Ltd


GOOLOO as a world-renowned lithium battery jump starter brand holds several patents in lithium battery technology. Its flagship product the GP4000 is widely acclaimed among self-driving enthusiasts and is listed on major e-commerce platforms as a top seller in the automotive emergency supplies category.


Established in 2014, GOOLOO is specialized in manufacturing multi-functional jump starters, portable outdoor power stations, and other auto parts. Committed to a philosophy of “Quality is what makes an enterprise alive”, GOOLOO has developed to be one of the leading manufacturers in the automotive & energy industry. In order to provide the highest quality and services for every customer, GOOLOO has obtained the certification of ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016, SA8000, and so forth, and the products all passed and certified to FCC/UL/CE/RoHS.


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