The IP Practice Webinar Series Hosted by Global IP Counselors, LLP


WASHINGTON (January 31, 2022) – Global IP Counselors is excited to announce the launch of the IP Practice Webinar Series hosted by Global IP Counselors, LLP.  We have designed this series in the interest of keeping our colleagues around the world apprised of the latest developments in US IP practice, with particular focus on procedural developments at the USPTO and informative decisions from the Federal Circuit.

This initial launch includes the following topics:

Deferred Subject Matter Eligibility Pilot Program

The USPTO announced a new pilot program provided to applicants in the interest of expediting patent prosecution practice for applications that receive 101 rejections.  This pilot program is effective from February 1 to July 30 of this year.  Please take a listen to learn about this new program and how it may affect the course of prosecution for your applications.

Writing Strong Patents

As a US patent applicant, it is important to write patents that can withstand scrutiny at the USPTO and later at the Federal Circuit.  However, it is important to be mindful that the USPTO and the Federal Circuit diverge somewhat in their 101 analysis.  Please take a listen to learn about how to write strong patents to withstand scrutiny at the USPTO and at the Federal Circuit.

Soon to come:

Means-Plus-Function at the Federal Circuit

For those software applicants out there, means-plus-function rejections are inevitable.  Please take a listen as to how the courts assess whether your functional language is supported by sufficient disclosure.

For questions and comments on this series, please reach out to Nomugi Tomoyori at [email protected] and Wen Xie at [email protected]

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