IP.com Releases IQ Ideas Plus™ Version 2.0.


Rochester, NY, June 2022: The latest update to IQ Ideas Plus simplifies the innovation experience and enables a quicker time to market.

IP.com, developer of class-leading natural-language AI technology, today announced an update to IQ Ideas Plus™, their flagship innovation workflow solution – IQ Ideas Plus 2.0. IQ Ideas Plus aids inventors in the parts of the innovation lifecycle where they can realize the greatest business impacts: creation and evaluation.

IQ Ideas Plus targets the challenges of cost, time, and complexity that inventors and their organizations face when bringing innovations to market. Engineers benefit from enhanced ideation, invention evaluation, and streamlined collaboration which enable commercialization of technologies – faster. This holistic approach standardizes processes to drive consistently higher disclosure quality while significantly increasing the efficiency of research and development.

The latest release of IQ Ideas Plus features a streamlined and simplified user interface to further accelerate productivity. A unique analysis identifier has been added to enable more efficient tracking in other parts of the workflow, like docketing. The novelty scoring feature has been enhanced with additional granularity to help with critical business decision making and improve bottom line investment results.

Find more details on the new IQ Ideas Plus release at IQ Ideas Plus™ – Strategic Innovation Platform – IP.com. To see how IQ Ideas Plus 2.0 can help your business, request a demo here.

About IP.com:

Located in Rochester, NY, IP.com offers a comprehensive set of IP solutions for the innovation lifecycle. We help innovators reduce costs, increase productivity, and simplify their IP workflows with class-leading services and intuitive technology powered by an exclusive, natural-language AI platform. We uniquely optimize the research and development process at the source: the creation and evaluation steps – helping enterprises of any size and scale to maximize their ROI.


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