Harrity Patent Analytics Announces the Top Patent Firms Of 2021


WASHINGTON (January 20, 2022) – Harrity Patent Analytics is excited to announce the Top Patent Firms of 2021. The list, published annually, ranks industry-leading patent law firms based on the total number of U.S. utility patents issued in the past year.

The 2021 Top Patent Firms list incorporates multiple categories of prosecution statistics, including 7 new categories, such as rank in US First Filings and rank in Foreign Priority Filings.

Fish & Richardson surpasses Oblon for the first time in list history, taking the #1 spot in both overall and US first filings. Other notable changes on the list include Kilpatrick Townsend dropping from the #7 spot to #11, and Foley & Lardner moving up from #8 to #5.  Some newcomers to the list in 2021 include Kacvinsky Daisak Bluni at #109, and Fig. 1 Patents at #282.

The Top 10 firms of 2021 in overall utility patents are:

  1. Fish & Richardson P.C. (5025)
  2. Oblon McClelland Maier & Neustadt LLP (4620)
  3. Sughrue Mion PLC (4398)
  4. Cantor Colburn LLP (3652)
  5. Foley & Lardner LLP (3416)
  6. Oliff PLC (3297)
  7. Birch Stewart Kolach & Birch LLP (3250)
  8. Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP (3014)
  9. Shwegman Lundberg & Woessner P.A. (2995)
  10. Harness Dickey & Pierce PLC (2963)

“The differences on this year’s Top Patent Firm rankings align with what we saw on the Patent 300®, with big companies filing less patents than in previous years, and therefore the law firms doing their work obtaining less patents – likely due to budgetary restraints imposed by the ongoing pandemic. The list demonstrates which patent firms are still big players, while providing insight for both clients and firms to make strategic decisions moving forward,” states Rocky Berndsen, Head of Harrity Patent Analytics.

The Top Patent Firms list is accompanied by an interactive dashboard and includes patent firms that have obtained at least 50 U.S. utility patents where the patent firms are listed on the front of the utility patents. Company legal departments have not been eliminated from the list.  The full list is available here.

 About Harrity Patent Analytics:

Harrity Patent Analytics, an analytical team within the boutique IP law firm of Harrity & Harrity, LLP, uses cutting-edge capabilities to analyze patent data and extract insights for clients to use when making strategic decisions regarding patent portfolios. Patent 300® companies rely on Harrity Patent Analytics services to understand their patent portfolios, the patent portfolios of their competitors, and patent office trends around the world.


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