2023 Patent Quality Rankings: The Top 50 Patent Law Firms

Patent Bots proofread an entire year of issued patents to determine the top 10 large patent firms and the top 50 overall.

Somerville, MA: Patent Bots, the creator of AI-enabled software-as-a-service applications for patent attorneys, is pleased to announce its fourth annual Patent Quality Rankings of top patent law firms.

Patent Bots used its advanced machine learning software to review every patent issued by the USPTO in the past year. It then ranked the 746 most active patent law firms based on the average number of numbering, antecedent basis, and word support errors detected in their patents. Rankings are based only on these errors and do not address many other important aspects of patent quality.

  • 323,393 patents processed by the Patent Bots AI
  • 33,425 (10.3%) patents achieved a perfect Patent Quality Score
  • 9 average errors per patent
  • 5 median errors per patent

Patent Bots detected at least one numbering, antecedent basis, or word support error in nearly 90 percent of patents issued last year.

“Errors in patents can increase the costs of obtaining a patent and lead to validity issues in the future,” Patent Bots founder and practicing patent attorney Jeff O’Neill said. “Modern AI-enabled automated proofreading solutions like Patent Bots make it easy to fix errors and get better outcomes for clients.”

2023 Patent Quality Rankings: Top 10 Large Firms

For the second consecutive year, Harrity & Harrity claimed the top ranking among patent firms with at least 500 patents issued in the last year.

Rank Law Firm Issued Patents Quality Score
1 Harrity & Harrity, LLP 770 96.5
2 Holland & Hart LLP 1081 95.3
3 Global IP Counselors, LLP 509 89.4
4 Chip Law Group 910 88.5
5 Hanley, Flight & Zimmerman, LLC 849 < 84.3
6 Patterson + Sheridan, LLP 1606 < 84.3
7 McDermott Will & Emery LLP 1238 < 84.3
8 Lowenstein Sandler LLP 792 < 84.3
9 Dority & Manning, P.A. 1527 < 84.3
10 Studebaker & Brackett PC 1248 < 84.3

2023 Patent Quality Rankings: Top 10 Firms Overall

Harrity & Harrity / Qualcomm placed first among firms with 50+ patents issued.

Note: Some companies file their own patents rather than filing through outside counsel. In these instances, the company is both the patent filer AND the patent owner and is included in our rankings as both a firm and a company. The company rankings will be released later this year.

View the entire 2023 Patent Bots Quality Rankings Top 50.

Rank Law Firm Issued Patents Quality Score
1 Harrity & Harrity LLP/Qualcomm Incorporated 74 99.9
2 GTC Law Group PC & Affiliates 167 99.7
3 Commvault Systems, Inc. 78 98.9
4 Holland & Hart LLP/Qualcomm Incorporated 92 98.9
5 Hartman & Citrin LLC 82 98.8
6 The Pattani Law Group 53 98.1
7 Lawrence Youst PLLC 50 97.9
8 FIG. 1 Patents 239 97.6
9 Getz Balich LLC 132 97.5
10 Dascenzo Gates Intellectual Property Law, P.C. 52 96.7

About Patent Bots: 

Patent Bots balances complex AI and big data technology with a modern user-friendly interface to help patent attorneys streamline tedious day-to-day workflows, submit stronger patent applications, deliver results faster for clients, and improve their firms’ bottom lines.

The Patent Bots platform consists of four primary software-as-a-service applications:


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