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Yojit Bhugra

is a dynamic and motivated senior patent drafting professional having over 5 years of experience at Sagacious IP. He is well versed in drafting patent applications for inventions in the field of Mechanical Engineering. He also drafted provisional specifications and complete patent applications including well-crafted claim sets that conform to USPTO, EPO, IPO, Australia patent office, and WIPO (PCT applications) standards.

Recent Articles by Yojit Bhugra

Ten Common Patent Claim Drafting Mistakes to Avoid

Drafting a patent application is a complex task that involves dealing with several critical components of the patent application. If one must ask any patent attorney about the crucial aspect of a patent draft, the answer will always be “the claims”. Even the simplest of mistakes in claims can pose risk to a patent application. In light of this, the following article highlights some potential pitfalls to avoid while drafting patent claims.