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Tyler King

graduated from Colorado Christian University in May, 2020, with a major in Business Administration and a minor in Finance. He was the president of the Speech and Debate team, where he won several national titles, and the captain of the Moot Court team. Tyler also served in the student government. He is looking to apply to law schools for the Fall 2021 cycle. Tyler currently works as a research assistant with Adsero IP LLC.

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The One China Supreme Court Decision that Could Complicate the World’s Supply Chain

For months now, the news has been plastered with updates on COVID-19, the novel coronavirus that has upended lives and trickled into near every facet of the modern experience. Across the political aisle, consumers and producers are questioning the current level of reliance on Chinese production for drugs, ventilators, and masks. Despite these concerns, most manufacturing alternatives, including India, are still working to reestablish normalcy, making China even more indispensable. Realistically, China is and will remain the dominant player for outsourcing production for at least the next five years. Now that Chinese factories are producing close to their full capacity, foreign investors should refocus their attention to newfound legal issues that may complicate the supply chain.