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Todd Basile

is a registered patent attorney with over a dozen years combined experience in the legal and engineering industries. His practice helps technology companies protect and commercialize their innovations and brands across a wide range of industries. Todd also represents technology investors in M&A deals, negotiates IP licenses and technology development agreements, and assists clients in navigating IP disputes.

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Recent Articles by Todd Basile

Demystifying Legal Diligence in Tech Deals

You are about to strike a deal with an industry partner to develop an exciting new product. Or maybe you have identified the perfect opportunity to acquire an upstart company whose tech would allow you to expand into a lucrative market. Smart companies do their diligence and plan ahead to ensure they maximize the benefits and mitigate the risks of the deal. Fortunately, diligence into technology assets and intellectual property is not that different from the diligence you would do when buying a house. Not everyone is fluent in technology and intellectual property, though—these are complex areas with their own sets of issues. This article lays out five simple questions a company should ask itself throughout the diligence process to help tease out and navigate red flags, with the assistance of an experienced IP transactional attorney.