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Tara Aaron

Partner, Aaron | Sanders PLLC

Tara’s ten years of law practice in the intellectual property field have allowed her to help clients across multiple industries with licenses and disputes involving copyrights, trademarks, patents, domain names, software, and trade secrets. She has deep past experience in music publishing, but focuses now on representing the concerns of technology companies.

In the city of Nashville, where creativity is at the heart of everything but technology seems to be the driver, having experience in and understanding of both the creative and digital local communities makes her a perfect member of the teams trying to figure out how best to make the world a better place for both of those groups. Her local clients include many technology start-ups, software developers, and website designers who come to her for copyright, trademark and licensing matters. She also assists with the purchase and sale of intellectual property assets. She has on multiple occasions successfully obtained hijacked domain names for the rightful owners, and regularly negotiates service and technology agreements with the largest telecommunications and software providers in the country.

Tara holds a Bachelors of Arts, cum laude, from Vanderbilt University and her Juris Doctor from the University of Tennessee.