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Susana Kuehne

is a USPTO registered patent agent and works as an engineer for a top federal contractor. She has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Rochester, with a minor in Spanish, and she attended Virginia Tech for her master’s degree, where she did acoustics research in mechanical engineering at the NASA Langley Research Center. On her spare time, she works with companies and individual clients who request her writing and editing expertise for their courses, work instructions, articles, and other documents.

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Why Engineering Companies Get into IP Trouble: Five Tips to Mitigate the Risks

Too often, engineering companies are in such a race to come up with the next big thing that they forget to consider the crucial step following their grand discoveries or inventions: patent protection. If a business is willing to spend years developing products and a considerable amount of money marketing, then it only makes sense to follow through and protect the accomplishment. Yet, many (unintentionally) don’t. Below are five risky ways tech companies often jeopardize their intellectual property rights, sometimes even before a product has been developed.