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Stephan Sangwon Kim

is a patent attorney with Revolution IP, PLLC, located in Alexandria, Virginia. His practices are focused primarily on assisting 500 fortune companies, startups, and universities with navigating patents to assist resolving patent disputes and preparing and prosecuting patent applications. He can be reached at (703)909-0292 or [email protected].

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After Searching: Patent Filing Options and PCT ISAs

According to WIPO data, USPTO, EPO and KIPO are major ISAs for U.S. applicants; about 94% of intentional searches have been done by these three patent offices. U.S. applicants may consider the quality of search reports and cost of search fees as the most important factors in selecting an ISA. Search fees vary by ISA, for example, EPO’s rate is relatively high $2,125, USPTO’s rate is $2,080, and KIPO is well known to provide high quality earches with a relevantly competitive cost at $1,219.

Searching the Art Behind Innovation

For many innovations, in addition to doing a traditional patent search it will be of the utmost importance to search European and east Asian literature, particularly literature from Japan or Korea. The patents issued or published by the USPTO, EPO, KIPO, JPO and SIPO cover more than 90% of the world’s patent documents. But when a particularly lucrative innovation is at stake going beyond the patents can be a worthwhile investment.

The importance of a quality patent search for strategic monetization of innovation

Properly used, a qualified search can be one of the most cost-effective and valuable tools a company can have to not only capture and create innovation, but also to avoid being sued for infringement. This dual purpose for a search is important to understand. A novelty search is intended to determine whether a patent can likely be obtained, but sometimes it will be quite useful to undertake a more comprehensive analysis of the search results to determine whether moving forward might result in a charge of patent infringement. In order to maximize the value of a company’s portfolio it is critical for business managers to understand the of importance of a search— including what kinds of searches are available, why to consider search before filing patent application, when to get searches, who should conduct and review search, and how to strategically use search result.