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Silas K. Alexander

is an Associate in the Seattle, WA office of Knobbe Martens. He provides clients with guidance in trademark strategy, brand protection, and IP portfolio management. With a professional background in marketing, communications, and digital advertising, Silas’s legal practice focuses on amplifying clients’ messaging impact and reducing common, costly IP-related headaches.

Recent Articles by Silas K. Alexander

Non-Fungible Tokens Force a Copyright Reckoning

From the advent of the internet, digital commodities and technologies have ceaselessly presented new hurdles for intellectual property (IP) owners and protectors. The cycle of copyright law trying, and generally failing, to adapt and keep pace with emerging technology has meant copyright stakeholders have been always at a disadvantage because legal enforcement lagged so far behind innovative infringement. But during a year in which vast swaths of life moved online, the internet has forged and driven to prominence a powerful new tool for protecting copyright owners’ unique assets: the non-fungible token (NFT).