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Ryan Fox

is an associate in the Intellectual Property practice group and the Brand Integrity and Innovation Group at Sideman & Bancroft. Mr. Fox handles all aspects of brand protection, including trademark registration, counseling, anti-counterfeiting enforcement, and discount fraud investigations. Mr. Fox joined Sideman & Bancroft as an intern in the Intellectual Property group in 2012. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Fox was in the agent training program in the Motion Picture Literature Department at William Morris Endeavor in Beverly Hills and worked in feature film development at K/O Paper Products and Twentieth Century Fox.

Recent Articles by Ryan Fox

Inviting Danger into the Home: Understanding the Market for Counterfeit Baby Products and How Both Parents and Brands Can Better Protect Children

How should new parents avoid putting their young children in unnecessary harm and avoid counterfeit baby products? Caregivers should purchase directly from the brand, either through its website or its authorized retailers.  Most brands – including UPPABaby and ErgoBaby – provide customers with online tools to identify authorized retailers… Second, if shopping on an online marketplace, pay close attention to the listed price.  It’s tempting to seek out a bargain while faced with the mountain of costs associated with parenthood, but prices that are significantly outside of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price should be viewed with suspicion.

#Infringement? Olympic Committee Attempts to Knock Out Competitors

The Olympic Games will draw the attention of the world under a banner of honest competition and camaraderie. However, many have accused the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) of conduct not in keeping with the open spirit of the Olympic Games. In the run-up to the Olympics, companies have reported receiving cease and desist letters from the USOC. These letters claim that use of the USOC’s trademarks in social media posts infringe on the USOC’s federal rights.