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Regina Song

IP Attorney


Regina Song is an IP Attorney with Aeon Law. She uses her international education and understanding of differences among jurisdictions to help clients protect and enforce their intellectual property rights in the U.S. and abroad. She assists clients in fields from software to nonprofits with U.S. and international trademark and copyright prosecution as well as adversarial proceedings. In addition to providing prosecution and litigation services for trademark and copyright clients, Regina also manages cooperation with AEON’s global partner firms for patent and other IP protection outside the U.S.

Recent Articles by Regina Song

Making the Most of Relationships with International Associates

For many intellectual property lawyers, the search for a local associate to assist with IP filings around the world begins and ends with a quick email to colleagues asking who knows someone in a particular country. And while personal connections are important, this method probably won’t lead to the best legal services for your clients. As we emerge from the pandemic and return to face-to-face meetings, here are several tips for vetting foreign associates. This process ideally starts overseas and leads to in-person conversations, but text chats and video calls still have value.