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Raymond Weisner

is the Senior Vice President and a Managing Director of Valuation Research Corporation (VRC). is responsible for the development and quality execution of client engagements. He serves clients in all major industries.
A member of Financial Executives International (FEI), Mr. Weisner has served as the chief financial officer of two private companies. Prior to joining VRC, Mr. Weisner also held management and business development positions.

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Image Rights: Valuable Intellectual Property

The cult of celebrity keeps creating more and more wealth. And concurrent with protecting that, ‘Image Rights”’have been receiving a lot of publicity – as well as the attention of tax authorities. Even James Bond, Sir Sean Connery, has just discreetly protected his brand and trademarked his name. Documents filed in both the EU and the US show the veteran star is ensuring that he and he alone can profit from his name.