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Raymond Van Dyke

Technology and Intellectual Property Attorney, Patent Practitioner

Van Dyke Intellectual Property Law

Raymond Van Dyke is an Attorney and Educator. In his practice at Van Dyke IP Law, he helps a variety of clients in their IP matters. He specializes in patent, trademark and copyright matters in various technologies, litigation, licensing, and procurement. After being a partner in big firms, in 2010 he started his own IP consultancy in Washington, DC, with diverse domestic and international clientele and technologies, handling matters at the USPTO, Federal Circuit and local State and Federal courts. He teaches IP and technology courses for engineers, businesspeople and other professionals at various schools including George Washington University, George Mason University, the University of Maryland, and was an Adjunct Professor at American University and Southern Methodist University; he also teaches at NIH and other institutions. He is the Chair of the DC Chapter of LES and the Senior Vice President for Special Events for LES; an AIPLA Fellow and former Chair of a number of Committees; Chair of the Montgomery County Bar Association IP Section, an Officer in the Maryland State Bar Association’s Intellectual Property Section, former Board Member of the DC Chapter of the ACM.

Recent Articles by Raymond Van Dyke

Opinion: Restoring The Road Less Traveled – American Invention at a Crossroad

As Robert Frost poetically noted, two roads diverged in the woods he was exploring. One road was well trod, easy to traverse, and the other less traveled, difficult and getting weedy. Sadly, although Americans pride themselves on innovation, American innovation, particularly inventorship, is now the difficult road. Bad decisions made in previous forks in the road have gradually undermined the innovative spirit in our nation, but some inventors in Washington, DC, next week want to change course before we automatically go down the well-trod path.

Silent Summer: What COVID-19 Means for the Class of 2020

Law firms are not at all immune to this pandemic since their clients aren’t.  Most law firms have cut partner pay, and cut the pay of associates also.  They are also firing and furloughing partners and associates.  We all know that most of Society cares not that lawyers suffer, economically that is.  But there is a class of lawyers, actually lawyers-to-be, that we should have sympathy and empathy for: incoming first year associates.  The Class of 2020 will have a very tough time, even tougher than the Classes of the last downturn in 2008 and 2009.  The associates that suffered then are likely partners now, and have more empathy.