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Ravi Ranganath

focuses his practice on a broad variety of litigation and patent litigation matters to support clients in the high technology and life science industries. Ravi has experience with all aspects of litigation, including summary judgment, trial, and appeal. He has represented clients in jurisdictions throughout the country, including the Northern District of California, Eastern District of Texas, Western District of Texas, District of Delaware, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States International Trade Commission. In 2017, Ravi served as a law clerk to the Honorable Jon S. Tigar of the Northern District of California. For more information or to contact Ravi please visit his firm profile page.

Recent Articles by Ravi Ranganath

Adjusting to patent litigation in the Northern District of California

My sense is that non-practicing entities had long ago eliminated the Northern District as a potential venue for patent cases. But if and when there is an influx of cases to the Northern District of California, litigators who predominantly practice in Texas will have to make adjustments. While perhaps not as regimented as some other districts, the Northern District expects litigants to know the local rules and strictly comply with them, particularly for things like sealing motions that can be complicated procedurally… Unlike in Texas, technology tutorials in the Northern District are expected to be live. Attorneys need to be prepared for the judge to ask questions. They also need to make sure that the members of the team most familiar with the technology are present and ready to address any issues that may come up.