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Rana Pratap

is Principal Consultant – Technology at LexInnova and works with the Intellectual Property group to deliver on complex technology projects. Rana has a deep technical expertise in the field of microprocessors, digital and analog/RF IC design, I/O technologies, memories and hardware reference platforms.

He has a broad understanding and knowledge of latest trends in technology. He has authored more than 10 technical papers in scientific conferences and journals. He also has expertise in machine learning algorithms, client and server software application design.He is passionate about using technology to solve human problems and enrich people’s lives.

Recent Articles by Rana Pratap

5G Mobile Networks: The Next Big Battleground

5G is expected to generate even higher revenues from applications and services due to explosion on mobile application and services because of broadband-like speed, which are crucial for some of the emerging technologies like IoT, Wearables and Virtual/Augmented Reality. Revenues for 5G services will exceed $65 billion by 2025, according to a forecast from Juniper Research… The number of patents and key underlying technologies for 5G mobile networks will evolve significantly within next 5 years. However, early analysis shows that Qualcomm will still be the IP leader but may be not as dominant as in 4G-LTE. The device makers like Apple, Samsung, and Lenovo are also working on 5G IP development in order to minimize IP licensing costs.