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Neil Davey

is a law student at Harvard Law School, where he is Managing Editor of the Harvard Journal of Law & Technology. Neil has co-authored 20+ publications at the intersection of healthcare policy, biotechnology, and intellectual property. His current academic interests involve the legal and regulatory frameworks that underlie access to medicines in the Global South. He was previously a healthcare consultant at McKinsey & Co., prior to which he was a Gates Cambridge Scholar studying an MPhil in Technology Policy.

Recent Articles by Neil Davey

Parliamentary Committee Report Outlines Policy Changes to Improve Indian IP Regime

Despite India’s progress in many areas, from science to literature to technology, protection for intellectual property rights (IPR) is a topic that has come under scrutiny. The IP laws in India have remained vastly unchanged and unreviewed over the past few decades. Recently, however, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Commerce (PSCC) decided to review IPRs in India. The Committee, led by Chairman Shri V. Vijayasai Reddy, was made up of 11 members of the Rajya Sabha (upper house) and 21 members from the Lok Sabha (lower house). On July 23, 2021, the PSCC presented a report to the Rajya Sabha titled Review of the Intellectual Property Rights Regime in India (the Report). In the Report, the Committee pointed out the “challenges in strengthening the country’s IPR regime, the related procedural and substantive constraints, legal aspects and other issues, such as low awareness of IPR, counterfeiting and piracy, IP financing, and IPRs in agriculture and pharmaceutical sector, etc.”