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Nafsika Karavida

is an Associate with Reavis Page Jump LLP. She advises clients in employment, intellectual property, corporate and transactional, and cross-border commercial law. Her areas of practice include representing clients in pre-trial negotiations and mediations, formation and dissolution of various forms of partnerships and corporations, as well as intellectual property disputes. Ms. Karavida also counsels clients on issues relating to public access of records produced by federal, state and local governments, representing public and private companies, non-profit organizations and individuals.

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Recent Articles by Nafsika Karavida

Patent Rights and Wrongs in the COVID-19 Pandemic: EU and U.S. Approaches to Compulsory Licensing

As governments around the globe fight the COVID-19 outbreak, pharmaceutical companies race to develop a vaccine and potentially secure a patent for it. To speed the process, much of that effort builds on known drugs for other diseases. The World Economic Forum reports that 70 potential vaccines are currently in development around the world. According to a BBC report, research is in progress on more than 150 additional drugs globally, with many pre-existing drugs being trialed for potential usefulness in combatting COVID-19. Those which can are giving it their best shot—for people as well as profit. In the wake of this COVID-19 vaccine and patent sprint, questions arise concerning affordable and universal access: will governments, especially poorer ones, be able to secure affordable access to a vaccine if and when one becomes available? Can a patent owner actually be forced to license a COVID-19 vaccine for the benefit of the greater good? The answers are likely yes to both, depending where you are.