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Mike McLean

Senior Vice President, IP Services, Tech Insights

Mike McLean is a recognized leader in the IP and patent strategy market. He is sought after for his ability to assess complex situations and apply technical intelligence to ensure fact-based IP decisions related to patent licensing, patent portfolio management and IP monetization. Mike works closely with the technology practices of major law firms, the in-house corporate counsel teams of key technology companies and external licensing agencies where he helps develop, support and execute high-return patent strategies.

As senior vice president, IP Services, Mike leads a group of patent professionals who help technology innovators prove patent value so they can make the most informed, fact based decisions possible and maximize the returns on their investments. Key to this effort is a lifecycle-based approach to the protection, management and utilization of patent rights.

TechInsights’ approach to the IP lifecycle leverages the world’s most comprehensive technical body of knowledge gained from over a quarter-century of reverse engineering excellence in semiconductors, electronics and software. An interdisciplinary, in-house engineering team, experienced in mapping technology to patent claims and understanding cross-market applicability, specializes in uncovering and supporting patent value for TechInsights’ clients.

Mike founded the patent development service at Semiconductor Insights (now TechInsights), and has established a center of excellence around patent portfolio management and patent assessments. His practice enables data-driven decision making and effective identification of patent assets for enforcement or sale, provides guidance on invention selection and patent acquisition programs and ensures the alignment of patent portfolios with IP and business strategy.

During his 20-year tenure with TechInsights, Mike has worked extensively with the technology practices of major law firms, in-house corporate counsel teams of global technology companies and external licensing agencies. He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering (first-class honors) from Queens University and is a licensed member of the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario. In recognition of his strong technical and business acumen, Mike has served as a witness in several IP suits on behalf of TechInsights’ clients.

Recent Articles by Mike McLean

Strengthening Patent Value Throughout the Patent Prosecution Flow

Patents allow you to protect your inventions, license the use of the inventions of others, and introduce additional revenue streams to your business. Patents also require investments of time and money to maximize their usefulness. By focusing your investment and efforts on optimizing the usability of patents of value, you can improve the validation that your applications read on markets of interest, and that further your portfolio goals, help tune a patent portfolio by developing indication of use (IoU) of some applications regarding products of interest, and early cost savings by avoiding applications with challenges or concerns, use applications as soon as they are granted and improve utilization of filed inventions by identifying continuation opportunities… There are many ways that patent strengthening can improve a portfolio. By focusing on optimizing the quality of patents of value you can achieve maximum ROI from their use, and you can minimize the cost by avoiding lower-value applications as well as their future maintenance.

A Repeatable Approach To Portfolio Monetization

To successfully monetize a patent portfolio, it is incredibly important to identify value within it, and to put in the work to prove to third parties and potential partners that that value exists… With the data-driven part of the mining exercise complete, the appropriate subset of patents can be turned over to the SMEs for evaluation of patent strength and enforceability. SMEs know the technology of a given field, they understand how technology has been implemented across multiple players in a given market, and they can reach a truly informed understanding about whether or not a given patent claim is being used in end product, whether or not that use can be detected, and what issues may be encountered in detection.

Past Events with Mike McLean

Unlocking the Value in Software Patents

February 1, 2018 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST