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Michael Snyder

Shareholder, Intellectual Property

Volpe Koenig

As a Shareholder at Volpe Koenig, Michael’s natural and engaging approach in laying out alternatives and potential outcomes is genuinely appreciated by clients. He advances their causes with all-encompassing intellectual property portfolio management including experience in patent, trademark and copyright prosecution as well as litigation. Michael also counsels and advises clients with regard to due diligence matters including intellectual property clearance, licensing and acquisition.

His intellectual property portfolio management work covers prosecuting domestic and foreign patents and trademarks, representing client interests in transactional matters and performing due diligence investigations. Michael’s experience in inter partes matters covers litigation and alternative dispute resolution proceedings concerning patents, trademarks, trade dress, unfair competition, non-competition agreements, trade-secrets and internet domain names.

Michael’s clients range from local startups to companies having a worldwide footprint, representing a wide variety of industries and technologies. His work has included handling trade dress litigation for a national casino chain, obtaining trademark protection for restaurant chains, managing the worldwide patent portfolio for global companies, brand management for professional athletes, reviewing copyright agreements for authors, and litigating patent, trade dress and trademark disputes in the field of action sports. Michael also frequently provides legal commentary on topical intellectual property news stories for the Philadelphia area media.

IP Goes Pop Michael is also a co-host of the firm’s lively podcast IP Goes Pop! where along with guest colleagues, inventors, writers, and creators, they discuss how patents, trademarks, and copyrights are often referenced in popular movies, television and songs.

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Past Events with Michael Snyder

IPWatchdog LIVE 2021

September 12-14, 2021