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Michael Priem

is a life-long innovator with a talent for leveraging technology. Michael’s aptitude for strategic planning, application development, new business ventures, large-scale project management and corporate development have made him a sought after advisor to dozens of world-class brands – including General Mills, BestBuy, Target, Sears, Williams Sonoma, Harley Davidson, American Express and HP. Prior to launching ModernImpact, Michael’s entrepreneurial career included leadership roles with a global advertising agency that pioneered many digital media principles, a publicly traded global consulting firm and his own boutique corporate advisory firm. He is a sought-after speaker, frequent conference panelist and routinely interviewed by a broad variety of publications including Ad Age, AdWeek and Financial Times.

Recent Articles by Michael Priem

The Right to be Wrong: Public Opinions, Private Data and Twitter’s Proposed Flagging Policy

Twitter officials recently announced they’ll begin placing a notice over tweets that violate their standards regarding abusive or bullying behavior, but that they still deem to have some public value.  Users will have to click through the notice in order to view the original tweet, and also see a link to the following message: “The Twitter rules about abusive behavior apply to this Tweet. However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain available.” On the surface, this may not seem significantly different from the motion picture industry’s rating system or the advisory notices posted prior to most on-demand programming.  But dig a little deeper and what makes Twitter’s proposed flagging policy particularly unsettling is their intention to apply it very selectively.