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Megan McLoughlin

Corporate Counsel

Consumer Safety Technology, Inc.

Megan McLoughlin is an IP and technology attorney, working for Consumer Safety Technology (CST), the largest provider of ignition interlock devices in the US. AT CST, Megan is in charge of developing a strategic IP portfolio and using patent data to support business decision-making. Her dedication to uncovering USPTO trends and improving the prosecution process have distinguished her for various professional recognitions, including the IPR Gorilla 2022 Emerging IP Player award.

Megan joins CST following her successes as the former global director of the Lexis Nexis prosecution software suite. There, Megan led innovative solutions for improving US prosecution outcomes through the organization’s industry-leading software tools.

As a regular speaker on global webinars, events, and the Better Patents Now podcast co-host, Megan continues to educate and empower the legal community on the power of data in promoting innovation and strengthening the patent system.

Recent Articles by Megan McLoughlin

A Better Way to File Patent Applications

The PathWays system is designed to help applicants predict which art units an application is likely to be filed before the application is even filed. A unique semantic search algorithm compares user submitted text to weighted key words derived from an exhaustive collection of application documents clustered in each USPTO art unit.

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