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Mark Stevens

is the Senior Vice President of Global Services for Digital Guardian. He is an accomplished, results-driven senior information technology leader with extensive experience managing diverse technology organizations.
At Digital Guardian, he is responsible for driving customer success across professional services, managed services, and support and training. Prior to Digital Guardian, Mark was Area Services Director for BMC Software

Recent Articles by Mark Stevens

5 Steps Law Firms Should Take to Protect their Sensitive Data

It has become more apparent in recent years that cybercriminals looking to profit from sensitive data are zoning in on law firms and their wealth of client information. Get ahead and prepare for clients asking questions about your security posture by closely examining your firm’s environment. Taking this preemptive action will help you detect gaps where confidential client data could be at risk, regardless of where and on what devices the information is stored. This assessment is easy to accomplish through the many proven services currently available in the market. Understanding where exactly your firm’s sensitive client data is being stored and how it’s being used is a critical first step to safeguarding that information.