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Mark Mathison

Patent Agent, Kilpatrick Townsend

Mark Mathison is a Partner with Kilpatrick Townsend, where he builds patent assets for businesses and universities through patent prosecution. His practice spans all manner of electronics & software and mechanical patents, including a flourishing expertise in electronic medical devices. He counsels startups, Fortune 100 companies, high-net worth individuals, and small and medium sized businesses looking to build something new and protect it against other market players. Those looking for real business-sense protection of inventive concepts, whether in pursuing patents, fortifying trade secrets, or technological protection, find a trusted and articulate counselor in Mr. Mathison.

Recent Articles by Mark Mathison

Thought Experiment: Is Our Patent System Ready for a Potential Future of Brain Interfacing?

Currently, brain recording and/or brain stimulation is used almost entirely for medical or research purposes. Invasive surgery is generally required to read neural signals with high temporal and spatial resolution. High resolution of neural signals enables researchers to decode a brain’s underlying intentions, sensations, reactions, etc. rather reliably, if only in constrained environments. With regard to stimulation, researchers have demonstrated the ability to trigger different types of effects. For example, stimulating the reticular formation can cause a subject to become awake; stimulating the amygdala can evoke fear; stimulating the motor cortex can trigger movement; stimulating the visual cortex can cause a subject to see light flashes. However, the state of the art is neither able to decode complex and unrestrained thoughts nor cause a subject to have a particular “target” complex thought. At least not yet.

Polling the Bar: An Unscientific Survey of Our Colleagues on Alice

Earlier this month, attorneys and patent practitioners from all over the nation, and far corners of the globe, descended upon Bethesda, Maryland for the 31st Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference of the American Bar Association (ABA). A panel of three distinguished practitioners, Tim Bedard of Visa, Eric Sutton of Oracle, and Gene Quinn, debated The Post-Alice Landscape. The presentation included…