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Mallory King

Owner and Attorney

Breathe Brand Protection

Mallory King is the owner and attorney at Breathe Brand Protection, PLLC, a boutique law firm specializing in all things brand protection. Based in Traverse City, Michigan, Mallory is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and small businesses protect their most valuable brand assets, both locally and nationwide.

Recent Articles by Mallory King

Patently Strategic Podcast: Jack Daniels, Mickey Mouse, and Andy Warhol Walk into a Bar

Copyrights and trademarks, in particular, have seen a lot of limelight this year involving some of the biggest brands and pop culture icons. At the same time, major IP rights questions are erupting around the use of generative AI systems like ChatGPT. In this month’s episode of Patently Strategic, we take a fast-paced tour through some of the highest-profile copyright and trademark disputes – both recently settled and freshly on the horizon – involving the likes of Jack Daniels, Mickey Mouse, Andy Warhol, Jason Voorhees, Winnie-the-Pooh, Lizzo, and WallStreetBets. Fortunately for us, sometimes life can be more entertaining than art. In addition to covering the IP fundamentals necessary to help get you booted up, we’re going to use big brand IP current events and Supreme Court cases as a vehicle to gain a deeper understanding of copyrights and trademarks and some of the sharpest corners you should be aware of when managing your own brand protection.