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Kim Jessum

VP Legal, General Counsel

Kim Jessum is a general counsel and senior business executive with 20+ years of experience leading legal functions, specializing in commercial transactions, compliance, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, and general matters. Her experience includes:
• Drafting and negotiating license, supply, development, service, distribution, confidentiality and other commercial agreements
• Advising on corporate compliance and governance
• Developing global patent and trademark strategies
• Preparing freedom to operate, noninfringement and invalidity analyses
• Overseeing U.S. and international intellectual property portfolios
• Leading M&A transactions, including due diligence reviews, IP valuation, and implementation
• Managing litigation
• Conducting employee training
• Providing FDA and other regulatory advice
• Implementing trade secret protection and data privacy policies

Past Events with Kim Jessum

IPWatchdog LIVE 2021

September 12-14, 2021