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Jonas Jacobi

CEO and Co-Founder


Jonas Jacobi is CEO of ValidMind. With over 20 years of experience in the technology and financial services industry, Jonas is a passionate entrepreneur and innovator who co-founded ValidMind, a solution that helps model risk management leaders and teams reduce time and costs and increase confidence and trust in their models, both traditional and machine learning.

Jonas’ mission is to help customers reimagine AI risk management and leverage the power of artificial intelligence to transform their businesses and deliver value to their stakeholders. As the CEO and co-founder of ValidMind, he leads a talented team of engineers, product managers, and advisors who share this vision and collaborate with industry experts and partners to create cutting-edge solutions that address the challenges and opportunities of the AI revolution.

Recent Articles by Jonas Jacobi

The World’s AI Companies Are Killing Trust in the Technology

I was scrolling my LinkedIn feed recently and noticed a former associate had posted that they had achieved certification in “AI ethics” from one of the world’s largest technology companies. I’ve noticed this term becoming more ubiquitous lately, and it’s puzzling. Ethical according to whom? Ethical compared to what? Whose ethical code are we using to determine whether a given technology is ethical? By what standards do we measure whether an AI-generated image, song, article, thought piece, or other assets are “ethical?”