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John Calvert

is currently the Executive Director of the United Inventors Association (UIA). Before joining the UIA, Calvert served as Associate Commissioner for Patents at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Before retiring from the USPTO he was a Senior Advisor for the Office of Innovation Development. He provided training in intellectual property to inventors, small businesses, entrepreneurs, university students and faculty. He also helped develop many different tools and training materials for inventors, small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Recent Articles by John Calvert

Next head of the USPTO should believe patents are property rights and not public rights

An ideal candidate for the next head of the USPTO would be someone who understands that patents are property not public rights, that issued patents are valid until otherwise proven invalid, and that recent changes in patent law and decisions from the Supreme Court have significantly diminished the historic strength of the US patent system. The candidate should pledge to make the US patent system strong again by working to correct the wrongs that have enveloped the patent system during the past few years, particularly the PTAB panels. The UIA would support someone that who considers independent inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs valued USPTO shareholders and a cornerstone for economic growth.