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Jacqueline Schaap

is a Partner at Visser Schaap & Kreijger. She has been practising law since 1988, specialising in intellectual property law and media law. Her specialities lie in the field of copyright law, design, format protection, copyright and other contract law, trade mark law, advertising law, unfair trading practices, sponsorship and illicit advertising, unlawful press publications, and promotional and other games of chance. She has a vast amount of litigation experience.

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Recent Articles by Jacqueline Schaap

Facilitating ‘fake news’ through legitimate website prohibited by court in the Netherlands

In a remarkable judgment of 10 January 2018 a court in the Netherlands ordered a hosting provider to make a legitimate website permanently inaccessible because it was “part of an unlawful concept”. The plaintiffs in this case have been harassed on the internet by a non-existing organization called G|A|B|M|E, which supposedly stands for ‘Global Advisory Board Middle East’. One of the plaintiffs received an e-mail on 1 December 2017 warning him that in a few hours a “report” would be released revealing him, his companies and some employees as frauds. Indeed, a few hours later a publication was distributed via the internet with the title ‘International Security and Fraud Alert Iranian Fraud’. In this publication (the ‘report’) the plaintiff, his companies and some employees were wrongly accused of fraud, corruption and money laundering… The decision has definitely broadened the liability of hosting providers and has rendered those who are the victims of defamation a new tool to fight accusations on the internet, but one has to bear in mind that the circumstances of this case were and are exceptional.