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Fredrik Ohrstrom

is a software and patent engineer who works in Stockholm, Sweden. He is currently working as a consultant creating provably secure software. Previously he has built the Spotify patent portfolio and contributed to the Java language and Virtual Machine while working for Oracle.

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Supplying Legal Notices for Free Software in your Products

This license, like many other Free Software licenses, require a legal notice to be given to the recipient when the software is distributed. Alas, it seems like Intel has not done so and as a result the distribution of Minix 3 inside the recent Intel CPUs could be copyright infringement… How can you pirate Free Software? Simple, if you do not comply with the terms and conditions of a Free Software license, then you have no right to distribute the software… Even though people who create Free Software might not necessarily be interested in monetary compensation, they are however usually interested in being named as the author. This is a right which is also part of copyright law in many jurisdictions.