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Ethan J. Zou

Patent Attorney

Ethan J. Zou is a Patent Attorney with Jiaquan IP Law. He graduated from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, majoring in mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, with a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

Since joining Jiaquan in 2017, he has been mainly engaged in patent work related to mechanical structure, technological process and automation process. Responsible for domestic and foreign patent writing, translation, defense, retrieval and other practical work. Especially good at the application and defense of design patents at home and abroad. He has handled thousands of domestic and foreign design applications for applicants including Midea, ZTE and Ping An, and has accumulated rich experience in handling domestic and foreign designs. The application process, handling method, precautions, invalidation of infringement and Amazon rights protection, etc. Also, he is also very familiar with the patent systems of various countries. He is responsible for and has provided thousands of hours of foreign-related patent questions for domestic and foreign customers. He can provide customers with complete application plans and rescue strategies, and has provided training for enterprises and institutions for many times. and lectures.


Recent Articles by Ethan J. Zou

Hague in Force in China: Tips for Choosing the Hague Agreement or Paris Convention to File Design Patents in China

The Hague Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs (the “Hague Agreement”) will enter into force in China next week, on May 5. Together with the original Paris Convention approach, there will now be two different options for filing design patents in China: the Hague system (designated extension) and the Paris Convention (direct entry). Based on our experience and analysis of the relevant regulations, we have the following preliminary suggestions on how foreign applicants should choose to enter China.