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Emily Hostage

Vice President

Burford Capital

Emily Hostage is a Vice President at Burford. Prior to joining Burford, Ms. Hostage was Vice President of Strategic Analytics and Policy at RPX Corporation, a leading global provider of patent risk management services. Previously, she practiced law at Arnold & Porter, where she represented high-tech clients in patent, copyright and trade secret litigation cases.

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Recent Articles by Emily Hostage

Using Legal Finance to Unlock University IP Assets

Litigation finance in the university context is thus particularly valuable. Even for smaller matters, litigation finance shifts spend off the university’s balance sheet, allowing it to put its own capital to use in its primary endeavors: Education and innovation. For larger matters, litigation finance shifts risk from the university—which, despite its diverse technology portfolio, may have only a small number of claims with attractive litigation prospects—to an entity with a much larger book of diversified risk across uncorrelated claimants.