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Emily Harmon

is an associate in Troutman Pepper’s Intellectual Property Practice group. Prior to law school, Emily worked as a mechanical engineer in the nuclear power industry. There, she gained extensive experience designing and maintaining mechanical systems within complex regulatory requirements.

Recent Articles by Emily Harmon

What is a ‘Patent Waiver’ Anyway? Zooming Out on the TRIPS COVID IP Waiver Debate

Scientists, engineers, and everyday people have developed solutions for testing, preventing, and treating the COVID-19 disease. Ordinarily, we wouldn’t think twice about granting patents on these inventions. But, today, when COVID-19 is spreading all over the world and killing millions of people, some world leaders are questioning whether we should be granting the exclusionary rights of patent protection on inventions that help respond to the pandemic. Included in that group is the Biden-Harris Administration, which, in May, announced their support of an “IP waiver” on COVID 19 vaccines.