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Dr. Dierk-Oliver Kiehne

studied Medical and Mechanical Engineering at the RWTH Aachen. He started his career at Dornier Medical Devices then moved to the Fraunhofer Group in Stuttgart, Europe’s biggest organization for applied research where he started working with an Innovation management and patent valuation focus. He made his doctorate in innovation management. In 2000 he founded the German based InTraCoM GmbH, consulting clients in the IPR research and patent valuation business. 2010 he joined the first government-driven standardization group for patent valuation and the governmental advisory board in balancing modernization procedure. His research focus is on intellectual property valuation where he frequently holds public webinars and publishes articles and white papers in order to share his experience with IP professionals. He aims at developing methodologies and applications for efficient and reliable IP data sourcing and IP valuation where he and his colleagues received multiple awards. With his colleagues he consults small and medium sized as well as big international fortune 500 companies in terms of patent valuation within M&A activities, balancing, rating, renewals, R&D management and many more.

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Recent Articles by Dr. Dierk-Oliver Kiehne

From underwater storage to drones, what is Amazon’s patent strategy?

At first sight Amazon´s patent portfolio is indeed remarkable, with respect to its total value as well as its development over time: the total value of the company’s patent portfolio shows a strong over-proportional growth within the past six years. Starting 2010 with about 550 patent families and € 130m, the patents have reached a total value in September 2016 an impressive total sum of € 1,15b with 4,162 alive patent families. For a company being recognized as a retailer this is indeed remarkable and shows the trend of being more and more a high tech company. This can be seen within their strong increase of total patent portfolio value but also the technical analysis.