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Devon Rolf

Devon Rolf is the founder of Gofigure, L.L.C. He is a licensed attorney, registered to practice before the USPTO, and previously practiced patent law.

Recent Articles by Devon Rolf

Secret Examination Procedures at the USPTO: My Experience with SAWS

The patent examiner stated that, when he had tried to allow the patent application, the USPTO system returned a thread – “SAWS case – cannot be allowed.” The application was indeed rejected… The USPTO explained that our counsel’s law firm (a respected IP law firm) had never heard of the Sensitive Application Warning System (SAWS) because the firm, and indeed the public at large, is not supposed to know of this policy. The Office explained that the Sensitive Application Warning System is an internal USPTO policy, that the policy has nothing to do with the public, and that Gofigure was not supposed to have been informed about its designation in this internal USPTO program.