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Detlef von Ahsen

Partner, IP Law Firm of Kuhnen & Wacker.

Detlef von Ahsen is a partner with the IP Law Firm of Kuhnen & Wacker. He studied mechanical engineering and has been awarded a master‘s degree of DiplomIngenieur from the University of Darmstadt.

Von Ahsen is a German and European Patent Attorney and a European Trademark and Design Attorney who is specialized in the fields of mechanical engineering (road and rail motor vehicles, ship building, internal combustion engines, agricultural engineering, construction/civil engineering), thermal and sound insulation technologies as well as electrical engineering, chemical and biological engineering. He also has experience in the oil and gas industry and has been involved in many litigation cases.

Prior to joining Kuhnen & Wacker, Detlef von Ahsen worked as a patent attorney with his own law firm and as a product engineer with Baker Hughes Inteq in 1991/1992. He also lectured on “Patent Practice for Engineers“ at the University of Applied Science, Bremen and has most recently presented seminars in Germany and China.