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David Grow

is the Digital Media Director at Chacka Marketing in Tampa, FL. David graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History, and a secondary major in Political Science in 2005. In 2009, David received his Juris Doctor from Western New England School of Law. Always at the forefront of industry innovations, David has driven growth for clients large and small through his expert analysis, strategic insights, team management, and ability to adapt in an always evolving industry. His talent for quickly analyzing and utilizing emerging products and technologies has not only been of great value to his clients, but also the subject of multiple case studies and publications.

Recent Articles by David Grow

Trademark hijackers are hurting online advertisers; here’s how to stop them

Avery Labels worked hard to establish its brand among consumers as the premier retailer of label products, as well as providing software solutions through their design-and-print-online tool and one-stop premium printing service, “WePrint.” As a result, when consumers search online for label products, Avery is typically the top-of-mind brand, making Avery the envy of its competitors. A few of those competitors recently attempted to benefit from Avery’s category-leading position by using the Avery trademark on their digital marketing ads without Avery’s permission, which not only drove up Avery’s ad costs and cut into its results, but was a clear case of trademark infringement.