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Arturo Geigel, PhD

Independent Researcher

Arturo Geigel, PhD is an independent researcher based in Puerto Rico. His current research is in machine learning and technology analysis. His previous research includes the design of the first neural network Trojan Attack and Trojans directed at unsupervised learning algorithms. He also carried out computer forensic examinations and expert testimony for over a decade.

Recent Articles by Arturo Geigel, PhD

Employing ‘Technology Analysis’ to Determine AI Inventorship

Not long ago, Dr. Stephen Thaler, a member of the scientific community, began claiming that his artificial intelligence (AI) machine, DABUS, was a bona fide inventor. The outcome so far has been that the claim has been rejected in most jurisdictions. A notable exception is South Africa, which accepted Thaler’s patent application under “Formalities Examination” with DABUS as named inventor. The acceptance of the patent in South Africa and the evolution of the legal field opens the possibility of further assertions and challenges with respect to AI inventorship. I recently authored an article about some of the challenges presented by AI inventorship to the technological and philosophical community. The article highlights that more technological evidence is needed before claiming such inventorship. This technological evidence must be based on the burgeoning concept of “technology analysis,” that is, an analysis that is based on logico-mathematical foundations.