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Anthony Trippe

is Managing Director of Patinformatics, LLC. Patinformatics is an advisory firm specializing in patent analytics and landscaping to support decision making for technology-based businesses. In addition to operating Patinformatics, Mr. Trippe is also an Adjunct Professor of IP Management and Markets at Illinois Institute of Technology teaching a course on patent analysis, and landscapes for strategic decision making. Tony is an influential thought leader in the patent analysis space, recently wrote the Guidelines for the Preparation of Patent Landscape Reports for the World Intellectual Property Organization, has been named one of the Top 300 IP Strategists by IAM Magazine, and is the author of the popular Patinformatics blog.

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Recent Articles by Anthony Trippe

Developing a US innovation policy bolstered by strong IP protections

While the goal of developing a US innovation policy bolstered by strong IP protections was the focus of the event it was clear that competition with China, who clearly has set their own innovation agenda on a country-wide level, created a clear sense of urgency in the discussions… Generally speaking, the panelists felt that the actions of the last few years had inflicted serious damage on the reliability of patent rights in the US and created substantial doubt about what those rights were worth economically with the changes. The panel was overwhelmingly in favor of making significant changes to the current environment especially with regard to the proceeding at the PTAB.

Spanx v. Yummie Tummie – Design Patent Lawsuit Takes the Fashion World by Storm

Patent stories don’t normally make the evening news or the major outlets unless one of the antagonists is called Apple. That changed this week when news broke that Spanx, makers of shapewear undergarments for women, founded by Sara Blakely had filed an action for Declaratory Relief against Times Three Clothiers, doing business as Yummie Tummie, in the Northern District of Georgia. Once the story got to The Huffington Post, as they say, it was on, and quickly went viral being picked up by all of the major television networks, Forbes, Business Week and most of the major newspapers around the country.

Data Mining Lessons Applied to Analyzing Patent Documents

Recently, we have seen two examples where the use of patent analytics have had a significant impact on the economic valuation of a collection of patents. The first involved a doubling of the value of RIM’s patent portfolio by a major Canadian bank after it was mentioned as having a stand-out portfolio in a patent study. The second involved the analysis of AOL patent assets where two different sets of analytics provided very different results. In the AOL case, when it came to the eventual purchase by Microsoft, one of the valuations matched almost exactly the price that was paid. Both of these cases demonstrate how important well thought out analytics are to providing signals of value when working with patents.