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Akanksha Rajpurohit

is an IP Attorney and joint Managing partner at YHprum Legal who practices IP law and corporate law before forums including India’s Supreme Court and Delhi High Court.

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Illegal Circulation of E-Newspapers Online and Through Messaging Apps: Implications for Copyright and Contractual Violations

On March 25, 2020, the Indian government declared lockdown throughout the country, and we could not have anticipated the number of issues across all sectors that would surface in such a short time. Copyright infringement through social media turned out to be one such issue. At a time when so many industries are facing losses both in terms of work and revenue, the newspaper industry in India has not been spared. The newspaper companies have lost a large number of subscribers to their physical newspapers due to fear of the spread of COVID-19. Recently, a national Indian daily newspaper published a news article stating that sharing PDF copies of an e-newspaper on messaging apps is illegal and that group admins and individuals can be held liable for unauthorized circulation.