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Benoit Poyet is a senior industrial property attorney, specialized in patents, and president of the AtlantIP International firm. He operates in cross-disciplinary fields including engineering sciences and new technologies. After his PhD, Benoit first worked in a national metrology laboratory in which he developed scientific reference instrumentation for dimensional measurement at the nanometer scale. Subsequently, Benoit worked in several IP law firms before joining AtlantIP International as a partner in order to support innovative companies in implementing creative and operational IP strategies, in connection with the top management.

Recent Articles by Benoit Poyet

Filing in France: A Strategy to Limit Extension Costs

A client’s recent experience applying for a European patent led to the development of a possible optimization strategy to address patent costs for clients. This client had made an initial U.S. filing and then extended his application in the form of a European patent application. His U.S. application went extremely well, and he obtained a quick grant with very few additional costs. This, unfortunately, was not the case with his European application.