Rothwell Figg

Rothwell Figg is a quality-focused intellectual property firm.  We are experienced, strategic, cross-disciplined and business-oriented.  And like our clients, we understand that intellectual property is a key factor in a company’s success.

We handle all aspects of intellectual property law found in today’s complicated, highly technical business world, including patent, trademark and copyright law; trade secrets; trade names; character protection; unfair competition; litigation; licensing; counseling; contracts; privacy, data protection, and cybersecurity; First Amendment and defamation issues; and obtaining patents, trademark, and copyright registrations.

Our clients are equally complex and high profile, engaging primarily in sophisticated technological areas like biotechnology and pharmaceuticals; electronics; telecommunications; computer hardware, software and the Internet; semiconductors; and a wide variety of medical and mechanical systems and devices.

You will see us regularly listed as one of the best and most highly regarded law firms in the United States.  Because of our long-standing and professional relationships with foreign companies and firms, we are able to handle intellectual property matters — including prosecution, litigation, and counseling — both in the U.S. and throughout the world.  From the individual businessperson in the U.S. to the multi-national company based in Europe or Asia, our clients trust us to handle some of their most important and sensitive assets — their intellectual property.  As a testament to this, we are proud to say that almost all of our new clients are referrals from existing clients.

Dedicated. It’s what we are to our clients, and it’s what the firm is to our people.  We share the same belief as our clients that our people — our attorneys and the staff who support them — are what set us apart from every law firm.  We’re not just a law firm, we’re a tight-knit community passionate about what we do…because it’s all we do.  We practice IP law, period – and we’re good at it.  This one-focus philosophy allows us to put client service first.  It also allows our experienced attorneys to train and teach some of the very best and brightest IP associates.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable — many have scientific or engineering degrees in addition to their legal education, and many are registered patent attorneys. Our attorneys are experienced — some have been practicing in the field for more than 50 years and some are newly admitted to the bar but have served as law clerks in Federal Courts, including former clerks of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.  Our lawyers are supported – our trained paralegals, technical advisors, law clerks, and legal secretaries collaborate to ensure prompt, economical delivery of work using state-of-the-art equipment and systems for communication, word processing, docketing, and billing. The matters our clients entrust to us are important to them and to us, and we recognize the need to keep clients up to speed on the status and progress of each case.

We value a value, just like our clients.  We work with clients to develop a reasonable fee for the work they entrust to us.  A lot of firms use the word “lean” when it comes to staffing matters; we use the word “appropriate.”  Once we analyze a project we can carve out parts to be handled by someone on our team with a lower billing rate.  When requested, we can and do give advance estimates of expected costs, and we have and can adhere to a fixed fee schedule.

Our mission is simple — we aim to provide our clients with high quality legal services delivered on time for a reasonable fee.